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How to earn in millions from Forex Market

What is the Forex Market?           In the Forex market, trading is done in Currency exchange, Bitcoins, etc. The market determines foreign exchange rates for every Currency. It includes all aspects like buying, selling, holding, and exchanging currencies at the current price or determining the price.            Forex Trading is open for 24/5. That means, according to Indian time, the Trading starts from Monday @ 2:30 am to Saturday @ 2:30 am. In between these times, you can trade anytime.    Requirements for Trading in the Forex market            For Trading in the stock market, first of all, you will need a Trading account. There are so many platforms where you can open a Trading account. But one of the best platforms for Trading in the Forex market is OctaFX. The interface and deposit or withdrawal service are also very excellent. You can also simply deposit from your Net banking also. And the best part of this platform is that you can also start trading with a minimum d