Yes, it's good habits of reading, daily reading some pages of books in morning is good for health and wealth also. So many people now also reads BOOKS after trending of internet also. Because reading Books in morning will keep your day happy. These are the 6 BOOKS I have mentioned below you have to read once in life. This books will inspire you.

                    Warren Buffet who is the Fourth Richest person in the world we all all know that. His age is now 89 then now also they read 1 book daily. At the age of 89 also they reads book daily.

                    Robert Kiyosaki is the writer of Rich Dad Poor Dad book. First of all this RICH DAD POOR DAD Book is available in English and Hindi also. In this book mostly told about money. So many people who start to read the books, they read First book that is RICH DAD POOR DAD only. After reading this book I was thinking that why our parents, Teachers, Relatives, Friends not speak about money. As we know that money is all for us. Without money we can't do anything.
                    The important summary of this book is What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not. We also learn from this book is that what is assets and Liabilities. One important learning I have also learned from this book i.e it doesn't matter that how much you are earning, its matters that how much you are saving and investing.
You can also know that how to invest, it can be any investment like you can invest in Real estate, Fixed Deposit, Public Provident Fund, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Stock market, etc. It can be any investment. According to your conditions or earning you can invest. If you are a student you can also start a mutual fund. You can also start SIP in Mutual funds with 500 rs monthly also. All people don't read this book but I can surely tell you that after reading this book your mindset will change and you will know that how to become rich.

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                    T. Herv Eker is the writer of this book. From this book if I want to share one inspirational sentence i.e RICH PEOPLE THINK BIG, POOR PEOPLE THINK SMALL. These sentence has inspired me a lot and you are also got inspired by that.These sentence has deep meaning. Like all your Earning money or doing Bussiness or doing anything you need to think Big for becoming Rich.
                    Most of the people thinking are so small that they think we can't do this and definitely they can't do that. It's all depends on our thinking. If you don't have money and your thinking is that I will do Bussiness without money also then surely 100% you will do that Bussiness and no one can stop to you becoming a Rich. First we need to change our mindset. In Hindi there is one sentence आप पैसो से गरीब नहीं, सोच से गरीब बनते हो  that means you don't becomes poor by money, you becomes poor by your thinking. So always keep a mindset of becoming Rich you will automatically becomes Rich.

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                    This Book is also available in English as well as in Hindi. It depends on you which language is suitable for you but read it once you will enjoy it. Napoleon Hill is the writer of THINK & GROW RICH Book. He has taken a so many people interview and talked to them and after that he wrote a book. I want to share one learning from this that If you want to achieve or earn any amount that you have decided you can achieve it, but for that they have told a six steps. Now read carefully the six steps are as follows:-

I. At first step, you need to note exactly that amount which you want to earn or achieve it. Don't say I want to earn so much money, write the exactly amount in digit you want to earn.

II. In Second step, You want to decide that what can you give for that amount you have decided to achieve. Means how much efforts you can give for that work to achieve your target. Because in this world nothing can be achieved in free.

III. In third step, You want to decide that and note that in how many days, month or year you want to achieve your target. Note the exact date, before that you need to achieve your target.

IV. In fourth step, You need to plan for that what you want to do or what you will do for achieving your target. After that you need to do that work with full of power and efforts.

V. In fifth step, Write down or note down the previous four steps in beautiful manner. That how much amount you want to earn in how many days, what you need to do for that, what's your plan for that, everything you note it in fifth step.

VI. And in last step that is sixth step, You need to read this five steps in every morning and evening . And you need to work on them. And you can see that 
your Goals will achieve it very easily.

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                    Wallace D. Wattles is the writer of The Science of getting Rich Book. Like for Mathematics and physics there are some principles, Technics or formulas are there Like that only for becoming Rich also there are some Science, methods, Principles are applied. In most of our from Childhood only many people has feeded in our mind that Rich people do wrong work and that all. But it's not like that. We have to change the mindset and this all things are given in this book. This book will really help you to become a Rich.

                    In this book it is also given that why riches lead to a prosperous and abundant Life in mind, body and soul. There is one best quote said by Wallace D. Wattles is " If you want to help the poor, demonstrate to them that they can become rich; prove it by getting Rich Yourself "

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                    George Samuel Clason is the writer of this Book. George Samuel was the Soldier, Businessman and a Writer. The Babylonians discovered many of the basic principles behind wealth, such as saving a small part of your income each month, investing it wisely, learning how to lend money instead of borrowing it and how to protect your wealth. In this basically it is given that usually, we don't invest on yourself, we always invest on another people like you buy anything you give money to them that means you invest on them not on yourself. So always invest on yourself atleast 10% of your Earning keep for yourself and invest for yourself. This 10% will give huge amount after some decades or years that you have not thinked in the dreams also.
                    Here are 3 lessons that you can apply right now to start building wealth:
•Live below your means.
•Learn how to be lucky.
•Never take on debt.

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                    Rhonda Byrne is the writer of THE SECRET Book. She is the Female writer. In this book the detailed information given about Law of Attraction. In Hindi there is one quote or dialogue which is said by Shahrukh khan that "Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho ... to puri kainaat usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai" . It means If you have decided to work with full of power and efforts then whole universe will support you to achieving it.
                    The book portrays that the secret is mainly about the law of attraction but it also highlights gratitude and visualization. Health, Wealth, Happiness are also justified in this book by the application of the so called Secret. If you want to know the secret to attaining wealth, success, or even happiness for yourself, the key is revealed in The Secret. The author also advises the readers to evoke any negative thoughts before it materializes.

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