How to Invest in Stock Market

What is Stock Market ?
                    In Indian Stock market there are two segments used that is NIFTY and SENSEX.
Nifty comes under NSE i.e National Stock Exchange and Sensex comes under Bombay Stock Exchange. Total more than 5000 companies are listed. Nifty includes top 50 companies and Sensex includes top 30 companies.


How to Invest in Stock Market :-
                    For Investing or Trading in Indian stock market we required a Demat account.

Documents required for opening Demat
  account is -

   PAN card,
   Bank Account and Bank Statement,
   Aadhar Card.

Where to open a Demat account :-
                    There are So many Brokerage firms where you can open a Demat account.
Zerodha, Upstox, Angel Broking, Alice Blue, Motilal Oswal, Stoxkart, 5paisa, etc these are the some brokerage firm.
But I personally recommends you to open a Demat account in Upstox. In Upstox, here it is very simple and easy to open a account and its free Account opening. It's also easy and simple to use. Here you can trade in any segment like Equity Cash, Future and options, Commodities, etc and you can also invest in Mutual funds.
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Different types of Segment are as follows :-

Equity Cash -
                    Common cash or all companies listed in Indian Stock market comes under Equity cash. Companies having large cap funds, Mid Cap funds and Small cap funds. Large Cap funds comes under Nifty 50. Large cap companies having less risk than others. Companies having various categories that is FMCG stocks, Banking sectors and NBFC sector stocks, Automobile sector Stocks, Real state sector stocks, etc. In equity cash you can invest 100rs also. You can also create a basket of quality stocks in portfolio. Portfolio is the place where you can keep a Stocks. In Equity cash, buy stocks at lower price and sell them at higher price and earn profit that's it. First analyse the stocks after that buy it.
                   Basically, Trading in Equity cash can be done in two ways. Intraday trading or Delivery. Intraday trading means buy the stocks and sell them on same day. In Delivery trading we can hold the buyed stocks for a many years also.

Future and Option -
                    In Short form, Future and Option is also known as FNO. In Stock market it was bought for the risk management. It's like premium that we pay for bike or Car in the terms of Insurance. For example, If we buy a Bike in 1 Lakh rupees but we pay a premium of 1k to 2k in the terms of Insurance. FNO is also same like that only. Futures and Options are totally different.
                    Basically, FNO having more risk than Equity Cash buy FNO is having also more profit than Equity cash. Future trading requires more capital/Funds as compared to Option Trading. Future or Option Trading can be done in Bank nifty, Nifty and in Stocks also. Different Sectors having different lot size like Bank nifty having a lot size of 20 quantities, Nifty having a lot size of 75 quantities, Reliance having a lot size of 500 quantities and all others stocks are also having different lot size. Means in FNO we need to buy in multiples of lot size.
                    In Option trading, we have to buy a premium of that stocks or Index. The two category comes under option trading i.e Call and Put. CE and PE. If the market or specific stocks in which you have to trade is in bullish direction or Upside direction then we need to buy a Call option. And if the market or specific stocks in which you have to trade is in bearish direction or downside direction then we need to buy a Put option.
For example - Now the current price of Reliance is 1500. And we think that the Reliance stock will go up more than 20 points. Then we will buy a Reliance 1520 CE option. Then we will get a 20 points profit. That means 500x20 is equals to 10k profit we will get it.

Commodities -
                    In India, There are two types of Exchange for commodity market are available.
          MCX - Multi Commodity Exchange.
          NCDEX - National Commodity Derivative Exchange.
                     In India, There are two types of Commodity that is Agri Commodities and Non- Agri Commodities.
                    Basically, in MCX the Non-Agri products are traded like Gold, Silver, Zinc, Crudeoil, etc. and in NCDEX the Agri products are traded like Soyabean, Castor seeds, Turmeric, etc
                    In Agri Commodities consists of Wheat, Sugar, Castor, etc
                    In Non-Agri commodities there are various types like =
√ Precious metals - Gold, Silver, etc comes under Precious metals.
√ Base metals - Zinc, Nikel, Copper, Lead, Aluminium,etc comes under Base metals
√ Energy Scrips - Crude oil, Natural Gas comes under Energy scripts.

Currency -
                    In Currency market we can trade in dollars, rupees or other country currency also. Through trading in Currency market peoples are making great profit. Now you can imagine that in 1950 the 1 dollar was 1 rupee, now the dollar is running about 75 rupee. So, in Currency market it's a best platform for investing. For trading in currency market you can also open a account in Forex trading.
                    Currency can also be traded in future and options. Currency trading usually happens from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.The main currency pairs are USDINR, EURINR, GBPINR and JPYINR.

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