How to earn online money from Affiliate Marketing


                    Affiliate Marketing is a process where you need to promote others people or company products and earn a commission. It's a simple process or work which anyone can do it from Mobile or Laptop also. In affiliate marketing you can promote physical or Digital products also. Physical products like Amazon products or Flipkart product. Digital products includes Software, Courses,etc.


                    To work as a Amazon affiliate, first of all you need to create a account as Amazon Affiliate on  . It's a simple process to open a account as Amazon affiliate. Open a AMAZON website and click on Amazon Affiliate program and fill some basic information and Register as a affiliater. After that select a niche of which products you need to promote. Create a link of that product whichever you have to promote. There are various categories like Fashion and Beauty products, Health and Beauty Products, Electronic Products, Ebooks, Books, etc. which you can promote easily. 

                    There are so many ways to promote a product. Like, You can create a website, Blog, etc. You can also also promote or share a product link directly through social media i.e Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. You can also create a Bussiness page in Instagram and facebook and there also you can promote a product. You can also develop a app for promoting Amazon products. One of the best platform that is Youtube where you can promote a product. You need to create a YouTube channel or if you are having YouTube channel then also. Give a link of that product in YouTube description. And if a person buys any product from your link you will get a commission on that. Commission can be between 5-10% depending on the products or niche. 

                    There are so many peoples who are earning in Lakhs per month through Amazon Affiliate Marketing. As more traffic you generate you earn more. And if you are promoting through social media like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube,etc you can also start without any investment. It's totally free. And if you are having some funds or investment you can also create a websites or apps.

For example :- If You promoted a Mobile (product) link on any platform from above mentioned. And that mobile price is approximately 10 thousand. And on each product i.e on each mobile you will get a 10% commission. And if from your link, consider that 10 people buy a Mobile per day. And you are getting 10% on each mobile. So it will become 1000 x 10 is equals to 10,000 rs per day profit. So from this strategy you can imagine that you can earn more than 3 lakhs per month. It was a simple example. You can also earn more than that.

Tips and Tricks to bring more traffic and more Sales daily -

1) Youtube - On Youtube you can also create a review videos for more traffic to generate. Make a review or unboxing videos of that product and give a link of that products in below description.

2) Instagram - Instagram marketing is also a best platform for marketing. You can also create a Bussiness account or page. And daily post some quality products from Amazon and give their link in the bio.

3) Facebook - On Facebook for getting more traffic and more sales, you need to create a Facebook page where you need to post that products and getting more sales. Millions of people are promoting on Facebook page and earning in millions of dollars.

4) Websites or Blog - Here you can write a post and share a link of products related to that article or Blog post. So, people will read your blog and if anyone is interested in that product so they can easily buy a product from your link.


                    In Digital Affiliate Marketing, many products come like any Courses, Software, E-book, etc. Hosting services also you can promote.


           is the website where daily so many digital products are launched.
Peoples are earning in millions of dollars by promoting the digital products of Jvzoo.
Here if you select a product which you have to promote, you will not get direct link here. First of all you need to register here, after that you need to approved here for link. For that you need to write a description that how you will promote their product like you will promote through websites, email marketing or from social media after that only you will get a approval. Here in the JVzoo products, commissions are very more than Physical products or Amazon products. Commissions can be between 50% to 100%. Yes, it's true some products give you direct 100% commission.

Some Best Affiliate Marketing tools to grow your Business Online and maximize your profit.

                    Here you will get a 14 days trial.
From Clickmagick website, you can know that from where you are getting that click so that you can monitize that Blog post or website better.
                    From here you can search for a advertiser or merchant for your solo adds through email.
                    By using Builderall, you can easily create a attractive Landing page. Here also you will get a 14 days trial. So that you can check all features easily.
                    By using these tool, you can make your Blog post attractive and fluent. So any one can be interested to read your post and you can grow your Earnings.



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